John Boehner: “It’s Time To Go All In On Weed”

“Americans Should Go All In On Weed”

John Boehner sitting in a diner talking to hard working americansHe was once “unalterably opposed” to marijuana. Now the former Speaker of the House is helping Americans make a fortune from it. Exclusive Story.

He’s a marijuana power broker. His companies are worth $1.6 billion. Now he’s joining forces with Fmr. Speaker John Boehner for a historic summit.

Fmr. Speaker Boehner has the president’s ear. He’s leading America’s $10.8 billion marijuana revolution. And he wants to help you.

If you’ve been seeking a way to get into America’s most controversial and our most lucrative industry, join John Boehner for a historic online summit here.

A $10.8 Billion Green Gold Rush Has Erupted Across America

john boehner investment boardIn a historic event, Fmr. Speaker John Boehner reveals how you can stake your claim to it.

When he was Speaker of the House, he counted the votes. Now John Boehner predicts Congress will soon transform a controversial $10.8 billion industry.

He’s the last guy you’d expect to go ‘all in.’ And now he’s inviting you to come along…

You’ll recognize him immediately. But no one knows he’s ‘all in’ on cannabis now… Watch The Exclusive Video Here


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